About Us

Your Assets, Our Priority

You love what you do. We love what we do too! We want to offer our knowledge and skills to business owners out there to succeed and have a peace of mind that their accounting and other matters are properly managed. We are committed to help business owners to take care of their family businesses, help entrepreneurs to succeed in their small and start-ups business, offering important financial advices to manage their cash flows, cut costs, and improving their profit margins.

Atlaswise Consultants is a one-stop professional services firm offering Accounting and Bookkeeping services, Corporate Secretarial and registered office services, Corporate Income Tax and related services, GST and related services, Payroll Administration and CPF related services.

Our team comprises of qualified accountants (CA Singapore) with many years of working experience in top professional audit firms and commercial firms. With our good industry knowledge of many different industries and understanding of different business dynamics, we believe that we can offer our clients the help that they require while they focus on and grow their businesses.

Our clientele includes start-ups, small-and-medium (“SMEs”) enterprises, retail, bars and cafes, trading and online e-commerce businesses. Whatever the size of your company, whether it's goal is to grow bigger and better, we are here to assist you along your journey.

Our specialisation

We are specialised in:-

  • Maintaining timely and accurate set of accounts
  • Managing messy and complicated accounts
  • Clearing backlog accounts
  • Managing various Accounting Systems
  • Prepare financial statements in compliance with Accounting Standards

With our experiences, our clients would no longer have to worry about:

  • Sudden staff resignation, inability to hire staffs and inexperienced staff
  • High staff costs (i.e. Salary, Bonus, CPF, Levy, Training costs)
  • Non-compliance with Accounting Standards
  • Non-compliance with Income Tax and GST regulations

We are confident to deliver quality and value add accounting services to all our clients.

Our Services

We are able to close your accounts either monthly, quarterly or yearly and will deliver timely accounting reports such as:-

  • Profit & Loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Trial Balance
  • Debtors ageing report
  • Creditors ageing report
  • Bank reconciliation
  • General ledger
  • Other reports as deemed required

Why us?

We differentiate ourselves from other typical accounting firms in Singapore as we are focus on:-

  1. delivering not only accounting figures but we deliver business insight through analysis of business performance so as to grow your business
  2. updating our clients with the latest developments in Accounting Standards and Tax regulations.
  3. helping our clients to keep their accounting records organised and ensures all regulatory filings (i.e. ACRA, IRAS, CPF Board) are submitted timely while they focus on their business needs.

“We want to be the best business partner that you will ever have.”

Simply put, we want to be the best business partner that you will ever have. Pro-active, responsive, reliable and dependable.

We see things from your perspective

Our team have been in your shoes – as managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, employers, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers. We would like to utilise our insider’s perspective to deliver solutions that accord with your commercial business realities, and put it into good practice.

Sharing and caring

We have clients who become business partners with us, offering a range of services needed by business owners such as web designers, renovation interior designers, marketing agencies and others. We believe we can help each other in building our business and goals, and grow together.

Questions? Please feel free to drop us a note!